Mildred: A Life Transformed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Mildred was raised in a very traditional church that never shared how someone can have a life-changing relationship with Christ. As she grew into adulthood, she began to sense that there must be more to knowing God than simply attending church.

She had always been fascinated by different religions and wanted to know which one was the true way to salvation and Heaven. Although she left open the possibility that Christianity could be the truth, her encounter with a pastor who didn’t believe the Bible really confused her.

To make things worse, her husband at the time hated Christianity. He got angry and sometimes even beat her when she wanted to go to church.

For years Mildred continued searching for the truth, and all the odds seemed against her ever following Christ. Feeling discouraged, angry, and lost, she finally decided to look into Islam. The brand of Christianity she’d experienced had been unfulfilling, and she was desperate to find the true way to salvation.

After spending time studying Islam with a Muslim friend, she was determined to convert. Her final step was to go to the mosque and declare her conversion to Islam. But as Mildred prepared to publically commit her life to the Islamic faith, God intervened in a most unusual way…

She heard about Inspiration Ministries.

One day as she was pulling in to her driveway, she checked her mailbox as she always did. Little did she know that this time she would find something that would change the entire course of her life!

In her mailbox was the  Inspiration devotional magazine with an article by David Cerullo on the truth of Jesus Christ. As she read David’s words, Mildred suddenly felt a tremendous burden lift. Islam was no longer attractive, and she finally understood the truth that Jesus is the only way to salvation. Every word seemed to be a word from God to her, and every doubt in her mind about Jesus Christ vanished.

Her faith in Jesus, the only true and living God, was suddenly ignited!

“I was amazed that a respectable man like David Cerullo could write in a way that seemed directed right to me!” Mildred recalls. “I was in awe, because God used him to answer all of my questions about true salvation. My soul truly did long to be with Jesus, and I’m so grateful that God used David to show me this.”

“Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for this ministry,” says Mildred as she reflects on the impact Inspiration Ministries has made in her life.

Ever since that pivotal day, she is passionate about sowing financial seeds into Inspiration Ministries so that other people’s lives can be transformed as hers has been.

“I now have a passion to reveal to others the truth of Jesus Christ and share His goodness!” she explains. “I’m so thankful to be able to partner with Inspiration Ministries to proclaim the truth and point lost people like me to Jesus!”

Are you feeling like Mildred did, still searching for the truth and looking for answers?

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