Michele’s Christmas Bonus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Michele pledged a seed of $300 into God’s Kingdom during a broadcast of Inspiration Campmeeting. But before sending her check, she had second thoughts. “My faith hit a low point because of the financial pressures of the holidays,” she explains.

Michele decided she would wait until her next payday to send her seed. However, she didn’t have peace in her heart about this. “I was disappointed in myself, because I remembered the joy I had when I phoned Inspiration Ministries to make my pledge.”

When Michele told her husband of the decision to delay her seed, he reminded her of the fire in her heart when God first led her to respond to the Campmeeting message.

“The Lord was speaking through him!” Michele concluded. “So I immediately wrote my check, and great joy and peace filled my heart once again. I felt the Lord patting me on the back, and tears flooded my eyes at His goodness.”

A short time later, Michele began to reap unexpected harvests. First, her boss from a part-time job sent her a text message that said, “Michele, I’m sending you a Christmas bonus of $250.” Then her boss said, “Let’s make the bonus $500, since I never gave you a bonus last year!”

Instantly, God told her, “There’s your harvest, Michele.” God had acted quickly to honor His Word…but the harvests weren’t finished yet. Just an hour later, her mother-in-law called and said she was sending her $1,200 for Christmas.

The Seedtime and Harvest principle was an exciting discovery for Michele and her husband. “Now I want to share my story with others so they will see God’s power and glory too!” she exclaims.

What God did for Michele, He can do for YOU.
Trust Him with your Christmas seed,
and wrap it in faith for your Christmas miracle!

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