I Still Can’t Forget His Love

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Born into a devout Shiite Muslim family, the supernatural world intrigued Ashfin from childhood. His grandfather, an Islamic leader in Iran, took note and nurtured him as his spiritual heir. Ashfin embraced the teachings of Islam and longed to become a missionary to the “misguided Christians.”

Wholly dedicated to Islam, he joined the Hezbollah for three years of military service. Sent to prison for traveling with illegal passports, Ashfin saw it as an opportunity to deepen his connection to Allah and instruct other prisoners about their duty.

“Instead of praying three times a day, I prayed five. I read through the Koran every ten days and spent much time meditating,” recounts Ashfin. “I connected with the spiritual realm; my powers increased. People came to me when others hurt them because when I prayed (for revenge), the person would become sick. I became power hungry.”

One evening during intense meditation, a powerful, evil presence flooded Ashfin’s cell. “I felt like it was choking the life out of me. I commanded it to leave in Allah’s name – but I felt like I was dying. I cried out to the heavens, ‘God, help me!’” A clear voice replied, “Call out to the name of Jesus.” Since “drowning men don’t care what color the rope is,” Ashfin begged, “Jesus if you are true, show me yourself.” Instantly, peace entered the room.

“I couldn’t understand it. Why would Jesus help a Muslim?” Ashfin wondered. “That was not my conversion; it was the beginning of my confusion.” Devoting the next two weeks to nothing but fasting, praying, and sleeping, Ashfin begged Allah to reveal the path designed for him. No response came to his desperate cries; anger, disillusionment, and discouragement set in. When doubts about Allah and Islam entered, Ashfin thought he’d committed an unforgivable sin in Islam and determined to go his own way.

Suddenly, a holy presence filled the room. Intuitively, Ashfin knew he was in the presence of God. Overwhelmed with his own sinfulness and terrifyingly aware of the Islamic teaching that Allah does not visit human beings, he begged for forgiveness and life. Crouching in the corner and sobbing, Ashfin felt a touch on his shoulder and heard the words, “I forgive you.”

With astonishment Ashfin relates, “Immediately, I physically felt forgiven! But in Islam, you cannot know forgiveness until the great judgment day. Even Mohammed doesn’t know when that will be. So I asked, ‘Who are you?’” The response he received was, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Unfamiliar with the New Testament Scriptures, Ashfin asked, “But what is your name?”

“Jesus Christ, the Lord,” came the reply.

Decades later, Ashfin still weeps as he recalls that moment: “I still can’t forget His love, His mercy. I wept for two hours. Islam taught me ‘Kill in the name of Allah,’ but this God says, ‘Love in the way of me. Forgive in the way of me.’ As I looked up at Jesus, a clear vision of sinful people from many ages and nations materialized. Jesus asked, ‘Who will tell them of my forgiveness?’”

“‘Send me,’ I replied. And that is how I became a Christian.”

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