Healing and Much More

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Mary sowed a seed for souls during Campmeeting. Her daughter was healed, their relationship was restored, and the family received unexpected financial blessings.

Mary, a worried mother in New Mexico, had been praying for years for her daughter’s healing from a mysterious illness.

“I was desperate for God to heal my daughter,” Mary writes. “Her health started going down- hill after she gave birth to her two children 13 months apart. She went to many doctors, but none could determine the cause of her illness. She wasted away to merely 95 pounds, and I was terrified she was going to die!”

Mary kept praying for God to intervene, and the breakthrough came in a surprising way – as she watched a broadcast of Inspiration Campmeeting.

“The speaker shared how God can take a seed we sow for souls and bless us in return with a mighty harvest in the form of whatever breakthrough we need,” Mary recalls. “Trusting in God’s promises, I called and sowed a $1,000 seed into His Kingdom.”

Soon the family was receiving amazing blessings, starting with her daughter’s healing: “My daughter’s health got much better, as an incredible miracle took place right before our eyes!” Mary says.

God also restored the strained relationship Mary and her husband had with their daughter, who had stopped speaking to them for a while. The daughter apologized for the pain her silence had caused, and now the family’s close bond has been restored.

Financial blessings have come as well: “Whenever we’ve needed extra money for a sudden expense, an unexpected check has come from some surprising source,” Mary exclaims. “God surely is faithful!”