Going into All the World

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Inspiration Ministries is winning souls and discipling believers around the world through Inspiration TV and our Internet outreaches.

Have you ever preached the Gospel or taught God’s Word in Africa? If you’re an Inspiration Partner, YES you have!

Last year alone, more than four million lives were changed for eternity as people prayed to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior through our outreaches in more than 200 nations.

This incredible harvest of souls is fruit that is credited to YOUR account in Heaven. One day in eternity you’ll be greeted by countless people from Africa and other nations who say, “THANK YOU! I’m here because you sent me the message of Jesus through Inspiration TV!”

Several of these nations are ones where it’s dangerous—or even illegal—to preach the Gospel. Believers in those countries often are persecuted, beaten, or even killed for telling people about Jesus. Yet thanks to modern technology, people now can watch Inspiration TV or receive the Good News via social media in the safety of their own homes.

Stories of Changed Lives

Each time someone writes to Inspiration Ministries to share how God has transformed their life, remember that they are writing to YOU!

A Nigerian pastor named Joy writes: “The Lord is doing an awesome work in Nigeria. When a Muslim converts to Christianity, they’re scared of what their family might do, for they can be killed or ostracized. So they watch Inspiration TV and learn about the Christian life through the different programs they watch.”

Nigerian Christians frequently are terrorized by vicious Islamic extremists. Violent Islamists of the regional movement known as Boko Haram lash out against anyone who stands in their way, especially followers of Christ.

Lisa Mouradian, director of Inspiration TV, explains, “For many believers in Nigeria, Inspiration TV is their church. People not only hear the Gospel, but we also function as a powerful way to disciple new Christians. Even in areas with no electricity or television, people in Africa can now access ministry programming on their phones.”

Here are a few of the testimonies we’ve recently received from nations in Africa as the result of your faithful partnership:

Many lives impacted… “I love your ministry! You have impacted many lives with God’s Word, and I want to be a better servant of God and minister of God.” – Harris, Nigeria

Helping people know Christ more… “Thanks for your messages. They are really inspiring, and they are helping people to know Christ more. I would like to be a part of your team in spreading the Gospel here in Africa. Thank you, and God bless you!” – Friend, Ghana

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