God’s Beautiful Truth: How God Used One Man to Touch Millions

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries5 Minutes

If you’ve read Inspiration Magazine over the years, then you’ve probably enjoyed the insight of our daily devotions. For over 20 years, God has used these nuggets of truth to grow the faith of people around the world.

Today we want to introduce you to their author, John Roos, a man with deep spiritual roots and yearning for truth. He describes his devotions as revelations from God that come from daily concerns that the Father speaks to him personally about.

“I try to share what I feel God is doing in my life,” John explains. “Every devotion comes from things I feel He is teaching me.”

John’s journey to faith began with a rich, godly heritage: a great-grandfather who came to America to be a circuit-riding preacher, a grandfather whose vibrant faith tethered John to truth, a preaching father, a godly mother, and decades of deep, faith-based friendships. But all that is only part of the story.

John had to navigate some rough patches in his life before he came to his own faith in Jesus. Believing Christianity was a sham, he turned his back on Christ as a young adult and often challenged the faith of believers he perceived as shallow and hypocritical.

The sovereign Creator never flinched. He simply kept calling John to draw closer and discover truth, using the desires of John’s own heart to reveal God’s presence.

Initially, God worked through John’s love of philosophy. Works such as Wittgenstein’s exposition “The Limits of Language” began to thaw his heart and helped him realize the transitory nature of words. He soon gave his soul to Jesus and dedicated his life to seeking the God who never changes.

A short time later, he met Gail, a woman of amazing spiritual understanding. Both realized they were made for each other. They were married, and from that point on, they committed themselves to passionately pursuing God’s wisdom and truth.

“I began to realize most people repeated what they heard about the Bible instead of reading it for themselves. For me, reading the Bible was interactive and addictive. God kept giving me fresh insights that were not from me.”

One day, John clearly heard God telling him, “Write!” As a marketing specialist, the mandate made sense, but he had no idea what he should write. John obeyed and began filling volumes with all God revealed to him. It would be years before anyone knew about his writing or what God had put in his heart.

Wanting to serve the Lord, John expected to enter the pastorate like his earthly father, but his Heavenly Father consistently shut those doors. He continued seeking God through the fundamentals of faith. “I began to understand that God helped me see and communicate scriptural truth in unique ways through my interests such as music and history.”

As he and Gail prayed and studied the Word, they faithfully followed God’s leading in all aspects of their lives. Eventually God led John to Inspiration Ministries, working in the marketing department; however, God’s plans didn’t stop there.

During a strategizing meeting, David Cerullo expressed a desire to offer partners a daily devotion. Before he could stop himself, John felt prompted by the Spirit to say, “That would be a slam dunk. I’ve already written thousands.” In an instant, the platform God had planned for John’s writing came into view.

John’s obedience to the one-word instruction, “Write,” has resulted in over 8,000 devotions that have since touched the lives of millions. Since the beginning, John has seen the devotional writing as his service from God and to God. We invite you to join us as we celebrate his legacy!