God Gave Me My Dream Job!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Even though she had no job and her money was running out, Patrice made a life-changing decision to sow a $1,000 financial seed during Campmeeting.

One night the Lord woke up Patrice around 1:00 a.m., and she happened to turn on our Inspiration Campmeeting broadcast. She watched intently as the speaker talked about sowing a $1,000 seed into Inspiration Ministries for God’s Kingdom.

“Though I had never heard of your ministry before, the Lord stirred my heart so deeply that tears streamed from my eyes,” Patrice says. “I knew He was calling me to step out in faith and sow a $1,000 seed, as I had just about that amount in my savings account.”

However, this was quite a step of faith. Patrice had just completed a one-year internship in Washington, D.C., and she didn’t have a job lined up yet. She really wanted to stay in D.C., but she knew it would be impossible unless she found a job very soon. It was hard to part with the remaining $1,000 in her savings account, because that would have been enough to at least pay her rent for another month until she found a job.

But God was challenging Patrice to a new level of faith. “When God asked me to give Him that seed through your ministry, I knew I must obey Him,” Patrice explains. “So that night I called and sowed half of my $1,000 seed, and I made plans to follow through and send the balance.”

As Patrice took these steps of faith, her harvests came quickly. “The Lord quickly blessed me with two wonderful job offers,” she reports. “What an awesome God! During a financial slowdown when many people couldn’t even get a job interview, I was able to choose between two exciting positions—including the job I really wanted and have now accepted.”

Patrice is grateful to God—and to the partners of Inspiration Ministries. “I love feeding my spirit with God’s Word through your powerful teachings! I’m convinced my dream job was the direct result of sowing a financial seed to win souls through Inspiration Ministries—and then trusting Him to give me the harvest I so urgently needed!”

Thank you, Inspiration Partners. Your partnership with Inspiration Ministries is blessing countless people like Patrice with breakthroughs in their finances, health, family, emotions, or relationship with God!