God Changed My Life!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Stephanie’s parents didn’t raise her in church, but they did instill sound values that still carry her through life: “Do good. Go to school. Make money.’

My family’s principles worked okay … until they didn’t. Doing your best to “do good” doesn’t always work.

Marriage challenges brought me to my knees. Desperate to learn if there was a God, I prayed, fasted, and dug out the Bible resources I received on a church visit. In all that, God found me. I devoured the Word day and night; it became my life. I became an associate pastor and sensed the Holy Spirit nudging me to leave my employment. I tested that Spirit, asking God to confirm it, and He did, so I resigned.

Within a year, I had the opportunity to lead someone to the Lord. I knew this one person had been on God’s mind when He called me to leave my work. While I waited for His next assignment, my marriage difficulties increased. Resentment built in my husband, and he began mentally abusing me and living wildly.

One night as sleep eluded me, I listened to an Inspiration Ministries broadcast and was moved to sow a $1,000 seed. I made the pledge but didn’t have the money. My spirit was as depleted as my finances. Two years passed. One morning I entered the kitchen and found the TV tuned to an Inspiration Ministries program teaching on seed sowing. It caught my attention and inspired me to act on that earlier commitment – to act on my faith.

God honored her step of faith, and Stephanie soon landed the job of her dreams. Sadly, though, her marriage collapsed, and she was left with nowhere to go. Forced to move in with her unbelieving father, Stephanie developed a peace in her heart that she had never known before. She even began to experience joy although her dad couldn’t understand why.

When Stephanie’s husband sued for divorce, demanding her 401K, pension, substantial alimony, and his legal fees, her father became upset and wanted her to fight back. But Stephanie knew that she had to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what He was leading her to do. After praying about it, she decided to surrender everything to God’s hands and not contest her husband’s petitions.

The settlement upset her father, but Stephanie had a real peace about her decision. “It was such a deep valley. I cried out to God. I couldn’t sleep and felt sick.” Even so, she remained certain God had heard her prayers and would come through.

Weeks later, her lawyer called with great news! The court threw out the unfair settlement and restored Stephanie’s assets to her! Best of all, the miraculous resolution opened her dad’s eyes to God! In awe, he exclaimed, “I don’t usually do God, but today I know God works in mysterious ways!”

Stephanie credits Inspiration Ministries with helping her grasp principles of giving that have increased her faith – and even brought others to the Lord. “I don’t serve the God of money. I serve the Creator, and I am His vessel. I trust Him with the seeds that He gives me to sow.”