From Depression to Destiny

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Patti lives in Tucson, Arizona, which she affectionately calls “the backside of the desert.” Until God transformed her life, the desert was a fitting image of how she felt most of the time.

“My life was dry and empty, just like the desert,” Patti says.

After giving birth to her daughter, she suffered a long and severe bout with postpartum depression and anxiety attacks. “I didn’t see this attack coming, but it hit me like a wall and was extremely debilitating,” Patti recalls. “My baby daughter cried day and night because of stomach problems, and I was so depressed I wanted to die.”

Realizing that only God could free her from this paralyzing bondage, she rededicated her life to Christ and began to watch Inspiration TV. “My faith grew and grew as I watched your programs on Inspiration TV and saw testimonies of people who had received miracles from God,” she shares.

Then one day Patti realized, “I can have wonderful miracles happen in my life too!”

So she came up with a plan. “I kept watching your programs and started seeking God for the things I wanted Him to do in my life,” Patti explains. “First the postpartum depression began to go away, and then I was recruited to lead praise and worship for the kids at my church.”

Soon she began choreographing dances to the children’s worship songs. She felt this was miraculous, since she had no training or experience in anything like that. Before long, the church hired her to be the Children’s Worship Director.

Strengthened by the Bible teachings she received on Inspiration TV, Patti went from depression to destiny in a remarkably short time. Here’s how she gratefully describes the amazing changes in her life: “It was like God gave me an ‘Extreme Life Makeover’ – spiritually and in every other way!”

After she started working again, God led her to sow financial seeds into His Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries. “I’ve been so richly blessed and nourished through your broadcasts,” Patti says. “And I always laugh when I hear you say you want to reach people in the ‘remote places of the earth,’ because that was me – suffering postpartum depression here on the backside of the desert! Now, thanks to God, my life is no longer dry and depressing. Your ministry has been my oasis in the desert – a spiritual haven whenever I need encouragement and strength. Thank you, Inspiration Ministries!”