Eyvonne’s Christmas Harvest

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Struggling to end an abusive relationship, Eyvonne cried out to God and, through Inspiration TV, found a new relationship with the Holy Spirit.

For years, Eyvonne had shut God out of her life and instead fell in love with a man who turned violently abusive. Although God had often been revealing himself to Eyvonne in troubled times, she ignored Him—until one lonely night when she had nowhere else to turn. While struggling whether or not to end the abusive relationship, Eyvonne’s knees hit the floor of her London home as she cried to the Lord.

“I knelt in sincere prayer, desperately crying out to God for help,” she recalls. “I truly loved this man, but the relationship was emotionally destroying me.”

As she looks back, Eyvonne now recognizes God’s unfailing pursuit. “He never stopped telling me how much He loves me,” she says, “even though for a long time I ignored His guidance.”

Whispers from the Spirit

Early that next morning, just hours after she surrendered to the Lord, Eyvonne was awakened from her sleep by a song. “For the first time in my life, I heard God sing to me ever so tenderly.”

In that profound moment, she sensed the holy presence of God. “That experience never left me, but I yearned to know more about the Holy Spirit.”

Then one afternoon as she was searching through her cable channels, God answered her heart’s cry! Campmeeting was being broadcast on Inspiration TV, and the speaker was teaching on the Holy Spirit. Eyvonne excitedly put to practice all she had learned and began to recognize the Spirit’s voice. With her blossoming new relationship with the Lord, she was able to shut the door on the abusive relationship that had been crushing her spirit. It was a season of new beginnings in every way.

Sowing a Christmas Seed

Because Eyvonne was overtaken with gratitude for Inspiration Ministries, she planned to sow a financial seed in January to help share God’s Word with others. But the Lord redirected her. “It was five days before Christmas, and I distinctly heard the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit within me say, ‘Sow it now!’ So I did,” she explains.

The first Seed was £33, and she sent it on December 20. Just seven days later, she unexpectedly received a check for £7,673 (about $9,900 US). The check was dated December 21, only one day after her financial step of faith.

“It was from an organization that previously said they didn’t owe me anything!” Eyvonne shares in amazement. “I know I was led by the Holy Spirit to sow into Inspiration Ministries.”

Since that experience, Eyvonne has become a faithful Inspiration Partner, receiving many supernatural harvests from God. However, she says the harvest she’s most grateful for has nothing to do with money. Instead, she shares, “My most significant harvest is finally having a real, fulfilling relationship with God!”

In turn, Eyvonne encourages others to follow the Spirit’s leading and sow generous seeds for souls, especially at Christmastime. “God has encouraged me greatly through Inspiration Ministries’ daily devotionals and TV ministry, confirming that I am fully connected to the Holy Spirit! There is no better time than now to sow a seed, and I’ve found that Inspiration Ministries is good ground. God will bless you and manifest your blessings in more ways than one!”

What Christmas Harvest Do YOU Need?
Just as God blessed Eyvonne, He wants to bless you this Christmas! Whether you need a breakthrough in your family, health, finances, or emotions, we are here for you!