Crimes Solved Through the Power of Prayer

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This story begins with a great tragedy. Yvonne’s daughter Gloria was abducted, raped, and beaten to death at age 14, and her case went unsolved for 29 years. But in an unexpected turn of events, Yvonne’s prayers were answered for her daughter and other missing girls in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

After her daughter’s death, Yvonne spent many sleepless nights. The thought of her daughter’s killer still prowling the streets was unbearable. In her despair, she muttered to God, “I don’t have a reason to live.” But she heard God whisper to her, “Then I will be your reason.”

While praying for Gloria’s case to be solved, Yvonne became passionate about finding teens that were missing yet possibly alive. Two Cleveland girls named Amanda and Georgina had been missing for 10 years and made a particular impression on her heart. Soon Yvonne began to realize her God-given reason to live. “The Lord started giving me purpose through service to others.”

While wide awake one night, Yvonne happened to turn on the Inspiration Ministries Campmeeting program. In faith, she sowed a financial seed of $58 and requested prayer for two specific requests: for her daughter’s killer to be arrested and for Amanda and Georgina to be found.

In the following months, Yvonne continued sowing financial seeds to Inspiration Ministries, while asking the Lord for these cases to be solved. Even though she had waited so long, she courageously believed that God would still answer her prayers.

Sudden Breakthroughs

Within just a few months of partnering with Inspiration Ministries, Yvonne’s prayers were miraculously answered. After 29 years, Gloria’s killer was arrested!

Then, just a few weeks later, there was a breakthrough on her second prayer request. Ariel Castro—the man who had kidnapped Amanda and Georgina—accidentally left his door unlocked, and they escaped after 10 years in captivity! Within minutes, the girls and two other victims were rescued by police.

Yvonne believes these incredible events were God’s divine intervention in answering her prayers after she began partnering with Inspiration Ministries. “It took faith to believe that if I sowed into this ministry, God would answer my prayers,” she says. But I know for a fact that Inspiration Ministries played a huge role in these cases being solved. God heard my prayers as I donated to your ministry.”

Yvonne is now a nationally known anti-violence activist. Her passion to rescue missing teens has paved the way for her to appear as a guest on the Oprah TV show and receive numerous awards for her work.

Yvonne loves to share how grateful she is to be a partner of Inspiration Ministries. “This experience showed me that if you sow a seed into good ground, God truly will miraculously answer your prayers!”

What God Did for Yvonne, He Will Do for YOU!

If you’re facing a situation that seems hopeless today, remember how God intervened in her life when she took a step of faith to partner with Inspiration Ministries in winning souls around the world. You can sow a seed for souls by visiting