Breaking the Chains

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

If ever there was a verse that represents Mercedes’s life, it’s Revelation 21:5. That’s the verse Jesus spoke from the throne, declaring, “I am making everything new!” Although the devil sowed generations of destruction into her family line, Jesus crushed that curse forever … and set her free!

“I come from a long line of addicts,” Mercedes began. “Mental health issues and drug abuse go hand in hand.” In and out of addiction for nearly 20 years, she experienced some of the darkest days of her life.

Her grandparents whisked her out of a dangerous home life when she was a toddler, but addictions raged in their home as well. Whenever Mercedes visited her mom, her stepfather’s sexual abuse compounded the darkness of her world.

But sin cannot stop our God. He led her Jesus-believing grandma to send Mercedes to church where she met the Savior who would one day set her free from the generational bonds of the enemy!

Before those chains could snap in two, however, Mercedes had to deal with her addiction. She was motivated to seek help when she had her first child in 2011, but the treatment program she was in did little to change her heart. When Mercedes returned to the same world of darkness, she couldn’t cope.

Faced with her stepfather’s continued sexual advances, Mercedes cried out to her mom, “Why can’t he love me like his own kids?” Her callous reply, “It wasn’t in the cards for you,” was too much. Mercedes pulled out a gun to kill him — but her mom’s screams made her run. The chains that had held her for so long finally began to fall.

She found herself at an addiction recovery program called Isaiah House where she began to find the hope of Jesus.

“At Isaiah House, we use the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) program. I think working the steps helped wake up my spirit. Some friends invited me to go to church with them, and it was different than anything I’d ever experienced. I felt God’s presence like never before.”

Mercedes’s voice softened as she described her first real encounter with Jesus. “It was the most amazing feeling I’d ever felt. There was just overwhelming peace. I’ve not been the same since!”

Set free for a year now, Mercedes lives in a sober-living facility where she has pursued training as a Certified Peer Support Specialist. Her desire is to nurture the spiritual lives of others at the facility, so she began searching the Internet for resources. That’s where she found articles and devotions at “I am so thankful to find resources to help me — and help me help others,” she explained.

“God has shown me that my hard times are not without purpose. He was there all along, and now I can be there for other women. I want them to know that God can break generational curses. He does convict me of sin, but He never condemns me. And He is not vengeful.”

Today, Mercedes lives in Kentucky and had the joy of being part of the Asbury University Revival. She’s still working through forgiveness and continues to take her sin to the altar. “God gave me peace, and I’ll keep seeking Him. I know I must remain sober-minded and vigilant,” she said. “Life is wonderful. His promises just keep coming true for me.”