An Unexpected Windfall

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Marilyn’s step of faith triggered a monthly financial provision that will continue the rest of her life.

Although she was living on a fixed income, Marilyn felt led by God to pledge a $58 monthly seed for 12 months. Less than two months after this step of faith, she learned that her ex-husband was taking an early retirement.

This was a big deal, as Marilyn explains: “Our divorce decree stated that I was to receive a part of any retirement benefits, and I also discovered that he had already been taking some of this money and hiding it from me.”

Her attorney filed for Marilyn to get her rightful benefits, and the outcome was stunning. “The court ordered that I receive $3751 upfront, plus $328 a month for the rest of my life!” she reports.

But perhaps the biggest surprise came when Marilyn realized the amazing timing of this breakthrough: “When I looked at my bank records, I was shocked to realize that it had been exactly 58 days from the time I made my pledge until I learned of my ex-husband’s deception and contacted my lawyer! I don’t think this was just a coincidence.”

Imagine how grateful you would be if you received an unexpected windfall of thousands of dollars, followed by hundreds of dollars a month for the rest of your life. Marilyn writes: “God bless you, Inspiration Ministries! This unexpected income is helping me very much.”