All the Cancer Was Gone

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Four of her sisters had died of cancer, and Olivia was terrified when doctors found she had a cancerous cyst. But this 70-year-old Inspiration Partner received an amazing healing, all cancer gone!

Doctors found a large cancerous cyst growing in Olivia’s female organs, and the diagnosis was confirmed by several X-rays and two biopsies. Cancer had already devastated her family, taking the lives of four of her sisters.

“My doctors told me the mass was definitely malignant, and I received this news with great dread,” Olivia admits.

But this longtime Inspiration Partner knew exactly what she should do. “I knew I needed to call your International Prayer Center for help. I wanted to make sure one of your prayer ministers prayed for me before I saw the doctors again and heard their recommended course of treatment.”

Sure enough, God heard these prayers. “During the final testing, the doctors were amazed to find that all the cancer was gone!” Olivia reports. “The large mass had disappeared. The Lord Jesus had given me a wonderful miracle, and today I’m totally healed!”

What God did for Olivia, He can do for you—setting you free from fear and giving you the breakthrough you need! Please send a prayer request, or give us a call.