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What’s the Best Bible Translation?

Billie Jo YoumansBy Billie Jo Youmans3 Minutes

Interview with Rod Laughlin, editor of the new Readable Bible.

It’s a question many ask, and there’s a myriad of opinions. The simplest response I’ve heard is: “The best translation is the one you will read.”

And let’s be honest, even for the person who loves the Bible with all their heart, there’s some tough portions. The census data in the book of Numbers and the genealogy charts scattered through the Bible aren’t the easiest reading. But what if the laws of Exodus were placed in outline form or the census reports set up in a quick glance chart?

Well, that is the idea behind The Readable Bible, and it’s an idea this new translation’s creator, Rob Laughlin believes that God put in his heart. Shepherding the project has been his primary focus for the past 14 years. Rob’s desire is that this work will expand and deepen his decades-long work of helping people grasp the goodness of God’s Word. Incorporating maps, utilizing callout boxes, and portraying building designs in the text as the narrative unfolds allows readers to engage more readily and more deeply.

Interestingly, creating a new version of the Bible was not Rod’s desire — all he wanted to do was reformat the presentation of the text. To his dismay, no existing translations were willing to partner up for the project. So, Rod and a team of hundreds set about to make the Bible an easier read! The result is an innovative resource for those who long to understand the Word of God.

The Readable Bible text is very similar to the NASB because it is primarily a literal translation. When a thought-to-thought translation is employed, the literal translation is footnoted. The goal of the project was to make a literal translation as readable as a paraphrase without compromising the accuracy. Listen in as retired pastor and Bible innovator, Rod Laughlin shares insights about the uniqueness of The Readable Bible.

As Rod says, “It’s all about getting the Gospel into people’s hands and hearts.” To learn more about Rod Laughlin and join him in his quest for sharing the Gospel, visit

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