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Billie Jo Youmans

Billie Jo Youmans is a Digital Content Editor and Writer for Inspiration.org who is awed by the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus Christ. She rejoices in the goodness of the God who longs to be known as a friend by all, and she relishes the opportunity to turn eyes toward Him on a daily basis. Learn more at https://heartsongministry.net/

Watch Finding Grace on Inspiration TV
Finding Grace Heals the Hurts of Life

With a cast of seasoned actors, Finding Grace offers an in-depth look at a common modern reality:…

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Prepared for Love
Prepared for Love

Religion nearly let Judah die … and it locked Gabriella into a prison of anxiety and shame. Though…

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Faith Transforms Tragedies
Faith Transforms a Tragedy into a Triumph in ’23 Blast’

This 2014 inspirational movie shares the true story of how teenager Travis Freeman’s (Mark Hapka)…

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Glass Walls
Are You Trapped by Glass Walls?

False assumptions and unrealistic expectations create invisible barriers to the life Jesus wants us…

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message of hope
The Loss of Her Baby Birthed a Message of Hope

Carlo L'Chelle Dawson has a message of hope that came from the tragic loss of her baby. She wants…

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Scriptures on Fear
Scriptures on Fear

Love and money ‘make the world go ‘round.’ Or so it used to be said. But this year, fear stopped…

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What Is Prayer?

The simple fact that millions ask the question: “What is Prayer?” attests to its importance. It is…

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