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Billie Jo Youmans

Billie Jo Youmans is a Digital Content Editor and Writer for Inspiration.org who is awed by the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus Christ. She rejoices in the goodness of the God who longs to be known as a friend by all, and she relishes the opportunity to turn eyes toward Him on a daily basis. Learn more at https://heartsongministry.net/

Without Jesus I Wouldn’t Have Any Peace

Suyunshi is a sweet tradition in the Kazakh culture that reflects the prophet Isaiah’s words: “how…

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Finding Jesus on the Upside Down Days

What do you get when you cross a love of animals with a love of Jesus? Well, if you’re Jill Miller,…

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Faith Transforms a Tragedy into a Triumph in ’23 Blast’

Just the Facts This 2014 inspirational movie shares the true story of teenager Travis Freeman’s…

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Friendship with Jesus: Enjoy Your Daily Bread

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, He brought up the need to ask for “daily…

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Friendship with Jesus: How Can It Happen?

We like the concept. Best friends with the One who has all power and authority is an appealing…

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Bowing Under the Weight: Delivered from Drugs and Death
Bowing Under the Weight: Delivered from Drugs and Death

At 29, Rob was tired of trying. A childhood filled with rejection and fear left him rootless. Young…

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Do YOU Dare Trust the Bible?

Life is hard — always requiring decisions about things we’ve never experienced before. While…

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Mangled by Mental Illness, Mended by Jesus

Editor's Note: It’s one thing to acknowledge the sadness of the mental health crisis confronting…

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Here’s My Five Favorite Devotionals – What’s Yours?

Devotionals have been part of my morning time with God since I first surrendered my life to Him.…

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New Year’s Resolutions That Work

Every January, many make a list of resolutions to help them achieve greater things in the coming…

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