The Gospel and Media: Why We Must Bridge the Gap

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

George Barna is the founder of the Barna Group, a research firm specializing in studying religious beliefs and the intersection of faith and culture.

George has shared his findings in a number of best-selling books, and few people have so accurately described the challenges of reaching souls for Christ today. He recently shared a powerful message about the increasing importance of touching lives through electronic media and new technologies:

“Spiritual content and experiences will be increasingly related to the use of media. New technologies over the coming decade will significantly reshape how people experience and express their faith, and the ways in which they form communities of faith.”

“It’s important to go where the people are whom you wish to reach with your message, and then to communicate that message through the language and symbols that they understand. The typical American spends roughly 20 times more hours each week engaged with media than involved with all forms of traditional religious activity. In our society, there’s a false barrier between those two worlds, and we need to bridge the gap.”

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