My Breakthrough Has Arrived!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

After years of praying for her family to come to know Jesus, Karen took a bold step of faith that brought a powerful turnaround.

Clicking through channels on a sleepless night, Karen was instantly drawn to Inspiration TV. A believer in Jesus, she knew the preacher was speaking truth, which inspired her to send in a seed. Karen became a partner and began receiving regular Inspiration communications. On occasion, a message would rouse her spirit, and she would reconnect with the ministry.

Seven years after first linking hands with Inspiration Ministries, Karen vented her frustration with a Prayer Center representative. “I’ve been praying for 25 years for my family to know Jesus – and nothing changes,” lamented Karen. Together, they prayed once again, asking God for a breakthrough.

A few months later, Karen called again. Her breakthrough arrived! “I changed,” she chuckled. “I’ve turned from the things I knew I shouldn’t be doing and rededicated my life to God.” With that change, Karen began to call the Prayer Center for even more powerful prayers for her life, and the praise reports began to roll in…

“My relationships with family members – my mother and son – have gotten way better. I am getting out of debt, and I am being a blessing to others, helping them. All thanks to the seeds I have been planting through your ministry. Thank you!”

“I gave a small seed over the internet a couple of days ago and assigned it for me to get my reimbursement from the state – money that they owed me. I just got the phone call from them today that I am getting my reimbursement!! Thank you for your prayers.”

“I gave a seed through your ministry, and I have already had two places dismiss additional fees that I owed them, just because – thank you for God’s favor on my life!”

“I thank you for your ministry. I watch you every Saturday. I give seeds, and I continue to get blessed. I’ve been praying for salvation for many of my coworkers at a mental health facility that I volunteer at. Thank you for your show on television.”

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