You Can Hear God Speak

You Can Hear God Speaking to You

Dr. Mel TavaresBy Dr. Mel Tavares5 Minutes

God speaks to people every day and desires for you to also hear His voice when He speaks. There is no magic formula to hearing His voice.  He speaks in many ways including in your mind, through chapters you read in the Bible, and through conversations with other people. At times, He speaks through dreams or visions. The issue is that we are often too busy to listen, or haven’t developed the ability to recognize His voice.

God Speaks to Your Mind

God speaks to your mind, but you may interpret His voice as a thought of your own because you don’t recognize His voice. Although some people report hearing an audible voice of God, more often it will be a ‘still, small voice’ you will hear. He desires to communicate with you throughout your days, much the same as if you were communicating with a friend or spouse. When you read the Bible or pray, thoughts will enter your mind. The more connected you are to Him, conversing throughout the day, the more easily you will recognize that He is talking to you.

God Speaks to You Through Others

God uses other Christians to speak to you. You may have been seeking an answer from God about a specific situation and later converse with another Christian. You may bring up the situation and the other person will give wise counsel. Know that God is speaking to you through the other person. At times, you may be with the person who may speak to you and randomly talk about a Bible verse or a life principle that gives the exact answer you were looking for. Rest assured it was no coincidence; it is God providing the answer for you if you have an ear to hear.

God Speaks to You Through Circumstances

There are times when God uses dramatic means to get our attention. If you are not in close communication with Him and not listening for His voice, God will speak to you through financial insecurities, housing insecurities, employment struggles, relational problems, and more. How often do we cry out to God when we encounter hard times? It is during a crisis that many open their ears, desperate to hear from God if only to get the answer to “Why is this happening?”

The Importance of Hearing God Speak

God is constantly speaking to us and giving us direction. Never will God stop speaking, but rather it is us who stops listening. In the Bible, Christians are referred to as sheep and being a part of the flock led by the shepherd (Jesus). In John 10, Jesus speaks to the importance of hearing His voice. Verses 2-5 (NIV) says “The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.”

The importance of recognizing God’s voice cannot be overstated. You must learn to hear God’s voice if you want answers to your questions and prayers. He can and does speak to you but you must recognize His voice and discern that it is God, not Satan or your thoughts or the well-meaning input of strangers.

Just one word from God can change everything. Sometimes it is one word, sometimes it is an ongoing conversation that God has with us. The important thing is that we don’t miss His voice. The voice of God speaking can transform your marriage, give you the direction you are seeking about finances, speak to your illness and heal your disease, or give insight into a complex situation at your job.

It is a life-changing truth to realize God can and does speak to true believers in Christ. If you know God personally, take the time to learn to recognize His voice. If you do not have a personal relationship but want to hear the voice of God speaking to you, take the first step by watching this video.

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