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Dr. Mel Tavares

Dr. Mel Tavares serves on staff in the Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministry in her church. She is the author of several books, including Challenged: Equipping Families to Thrive in Today’s Youth Culture. Learn more at drmeltavares.com

Why Do Christians Read The Bible All Of The Time
Why Do Christians Read the Bible All of the Time?

A question I am asked frequently is one of inquiring as to why Christians read the Bible all of the…

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Can a Christian Enjoy Entertainment?

There are many teachings on whether or not it is ok for Christians to enjoy entertainment. Some…

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How to Pray for Healing

Praying for healing is something people have been doing for centuries. There is evidence throughout…

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Do I Have to Clean Up My Act Before Becoming a Christian?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuNFAB4mTn8 Billy Graham was a famous preacher and evangelist,…

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When Will God Help Me?

You may have a situation in your life that seems impossible and are asking the question, “When will…

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Why Is There Evil in the World?

We are living in a world filled with all sorts of evil including crime, war, terrorism, racism, and…

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You Can Hear God Speak
You Can Hear God Speaking to You

God speaks to people every day and desires for you to also hear His voice when He speaks. There is…

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Discover Your Purpose in Life on Earth

The questions of why we exist and the meaning of life on this earth are ones most of us ask. We…

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Will I Ever Overcome the Consequences of My Past Mistakes?

We all make mistakes, but not all mistakes carry the same level of consequence for the mistake.…

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Is There Life After Death?

Is there life after death and does it matter if you believe there is, or not? A quick Google search…

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