Does Anything in Life Really Matter

Does Anything in Life Really Matter?

Linda GildenBy Linda Gilden4 Minutes

The answer to that question is directly affected by your perspective on life. If you think that you are born, live seven or eight decades, then die and there is no afterlife beyond that, you may well believe that what we do in our lives doesn’t matter.

To believers, everything in life matters. Everything you do is an important part of helping you grow into the man or woman God intends you to be. Because believers know what awaits them at death, they know that life is part of their journey to eternal life. If that is your position, several things on your list really matter.

Family. For most, your family matters more than most things in the world. We are concerned about the health, well-being, education, and comfort of our families. And, if we believe in Jesus and that we will live with him forever, making sure that our family members share that belief becomes of utmost importance, especially in these turbulent times. We want to know that when we lose a family member through death, it is not “goodbye” but “see you again soon.”

Friends are an important part of our lives. No matter how often or infrequently we get to see them, our real friends are able to pick up right where we left off the last time we saw them. Here as well, the urgency of helping them to understand and accept God’s plan for their lives is always on our minds.

We want our friends to live this life well and be prepared for the time when God will take them to heaven with him. As a good friend, if we see signs that our friends are struggling to believe God’s Word or need help understanding what they are studying, we must reach out and help them.

Jobs are important to make sure we can provide for our families. Without a job, food and shelter are in jeopardy. We struggle to find a way to make a living for our families. The job itself is important. But your workplace is made up of people who need to know about Jesus. So as you are making a living for your family, it is important to not pass up the opportunity to introduce those you work with to eternal life. Do your job in such a way others see Jesus in you.

Everyone has relationships outside of family, friends, and jobs. Are those with whom you are in a relationship totally secure in their relationship with God. Do they know what really matters in this life? Never pass up an opportunity to let those you come in contact with that you believe living a life close to Jesus and accepting him into your life really matters.

God didn’t sacrifice his son for a chosen few. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16 NIV). Jesus came for the world, the whole world. That includes all those mentioned above and so many more. Do billions of people matter? Are you doing your part to make sure the message of redemption reaches those people? Yes, every part of life  matters, but especially the relationship we have with God. Can you do your part to make sure everyone knows that?

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