Now I Can Pay My Bills Without Stress

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Sarah, an Inspiration Partner in London, England, wrote to share her testimony about God’s goodness to her family. A widow with four children, Sarah had been going through very tough financial times. Yet she continued to regularly sow financial seeds into God’s Kingdom.

“The Lord has helped me trust Him with my finances, and He recently made a way for our family to move into the most beautiful house we’ve ever lived in — and it is fully furnished!”

However, Sarah’s faith was tested again after they moved into this big house. The household expenses and utilities were much higher than she had anticipated, jeopardizing her ability to sow her monthly financial seeds.

“I cried out to the Lord, wondering if I would be able to faithfully sow my financial seeds,” she explained. “I was so frustrated with not being able to sow like I did in the past that I even thought about moving again and swapping in the new house for a smaller, less expensive place.”

But though she was tempted to give in to fear, Sarah sensed God asking her, “Can you trust Me again to sustain you?” I’ve brought you to this new house through My power and might. Will I not provide for you now?”

It was difficult to see how the Lord was going to meet her financial needs. Yet Sarah had learned to hear God’s voice and rely on His promises. “The Holy Spirit comforted me and helped me to stop worrying.”

Soon afterward, God began to give her favor and provide incredible financial blessings. “Now I can pay my bills without stress!” she exclaims.

It hasn’ always been easy to trust the Lord with her finances. but having seen God’s faithfulness, Sarah is eager to encourage others to trust Him too.

The Lord spoke to her again after she passed this test. “I will bless you above and beyond your means, and I will open wonderful new doors of opportunity.”

Sarah praises God for showing her the powerful law of seedtime and harvest. “I am excited to be able to sow seeds into God’s Kingdom to win Souls and help Inspiration Ministries impact lives through media.”