God’s Blessings in a Time of Famine

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What’s the condition of your personal economy? Is there a way to manage that despite world events?

The short answer is “yes.” God can bless His covenant people despite any struggles that surround them! The Bible gives this amazing promise to those who obey Him:

The Lord will open for you His good storehouse, the heavens, to give rain to your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hand (Deuteronomy 28:12).

If you’re struggling or facing challenges in your finances, health, or relationships, remember that God is faithful. Even many of the Bible’s greatest heroes sometimes experienced times of testing or famine. Yet the Scriptures provide this incredible word of encouragement: “In the days of famine they will have abundance” (Psalms 37:19).

How is This Supernatural Abundance Possible?

Following are three powerful Scriptural principles to help guide you into God’s seasons of blessings, even in difficult economic times.

  • You can’t buy a blessing, but you can sow your way out of a problem. In Genesis 26, Isaac faced “a famine of the land” (v. 1). So what did he do? Instead of becoming miserly and hoarding his resources, he determined to sow more seeds! Whether you need a financial breakthrough, a healing in your body, or the restoration of your relationship with a loved one, you can trust God by sowing seeds to meet your needs!
  • The sooner you plant your seed, the sooner you’ll receive your harvest. Just as a farmer must be patient, the Bible teaches that we receive the fulfillment of God’s promises through “faith and patience” (Hebrews 6:12). Have you ever considered the fact that every kind of seed in nature has a different germination period? In the same way, the seeds you sow into God’s Kingdom may not always sprout as quickly as you would like. That’s why the Bible encourages us, “In due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart” (Galatians 6:9).
  • God has already placed seasons on His calendar when He wants to bless His people. Although God is always blessed when we act in faith to sow financial seeds into His Kingdom, the Bible says there are “appointed times” when He wants us to bring Him special offerings so He can bless us with extraordinary miracles.

 This can be your season of God’s favor. It’s His will that you walk in health, receive His abundance, and recover everything the devil has stolen from you!

His Word clearly teaches that we will experience His miraculous provision when we obey Him, understand His seasons of blessing, and step out on faith to sow our seeds into His Kingdom.

Whatever turnaround you need in your life—healing, deliverance, protection, a financial breakthrough, or a restored relationship, the links below can get you started in your special season of blessings today!

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