Hope for Layla & Fatima — and Countless Others

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God has given us everything we need to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation, but the task is enormous. Nearly eight billion people are alive today, and more than two billion of them have never heard the name of Jesus even once.

The challenge is compounded by the fact that many lost people live in nations where it’s illegal to share the Gospel by traditional preaching or witnessing. This is particularly true in countries aligned with Islam.

Television, the Internet, and other forms of electronic media have a huge potential to pierce the darkness and reach people for Christ. However, the Bible calls Satan “the prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2), and he currently dominates much of the media. As a result, people’s minds are often filled with hate, immorality, godlessness, and false beliefs.

Since 1990, Inspiration Ministries has used various forms of electronic media to reach people with the saving message of the Gospel and disciple believers worldwide.

Each year, people in over 200 nations make Jesus their Lord and Savior through our outreaches – 2 million people last year alone!

Two Lives That Were Changed

Thanks to the faithful financial seeds of our Inspiration Partners, we are penetrating the spiritual darkness in Muslim nations through Inspiration TV and our Internet outreaches. Our original program, A Muslim Journey to Hope, shares powerful testimonies of former Muslims who’ve been transformed by Christ.

One of these testimonies comes from Layla, a woman who found herself on the brink of suicide before she heard the Gospel message. As a Muslim, she believed in a harsh, judgmental God who would weigh her good and bad deeds, but probably throw her into eternal fire in the end But when Layla heard about the God of the Bible, she was shocked to discover that He could be her Heavenly Father and closest friend. She cried out, “God, if that is really You, would You please show Yourself to me?”

Because partners like you cared enough to send her the Gospel, Layla found a life-changing relationship with Christ:

He transformed me in such a way that I am a completely different person. Now I know what it means to call God “Father”!

I have a passion to tell other Muslims that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the ANSWER!

Another testimony comes from Fatima, who was a young Muslim living without Christ and without hope in London, England. Her life was transformed when she got saved through A Muslim Journey to Hope which airs on Inspiration TV worldwide:

I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ through your program and now I really love the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Please help me to know how to financially support this ministry so I can help other souls find Christ. I want to do anything I can to help your ministry in Jesus’ name. I love you and thank you. May our wonderful Lord and God continue blessing and protecting all of you who are involved in this wonderful outreach to followers of Islam.

Fatima is a great example of someone who wants to bless others as God has blessed her. As her life has been changed by the Good News shared on A Muslim Journey to Hope, she now wants to sow seeds to reach other Muslims.

Thanks to the financial seeds of Inspiration Partners and friends, God is transforming lost and hurting people all over the world – just as He transformed Layla and Fatima.

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