My Husband Got Saved on Thanksgiving!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

If you’re concerned about loved ones this holiday season, be encouraged by this amazing story of Kathy and the miracle she received on Thanksgiving.

Kathy knew the Lord was speaking to her one day as she watched an Inspiration Ministries special program about the power of sowing monthly $58 seeds and expecting uncommon harvests from God; however, her funds were limited, and a battle ensued in her mind.

“Even though I didn’t feel like I could afford it, the Holy Spirit told me to do it anyway,” Kathy recalls. “The devil was screaming at me, ‘Are you crazy? You don’t have the money and won’t even be able to pay your bills!'”

During this time, one of Kathy’s biggest prayer requests continued to be the salvation of her husband Jimmy. But it seemed unlikely that anything would change since she had been praying for him for 23 years.

“My husband would never listen to anything I had to say about God,” Kathy says. “Yet just three months after I sent my first financial seed to Inspiration Ministries, my husband got saved on Thanksgiving Day! Now he’s a completely changed person.”

Jimmy’s transformation brought great joy into Kathy’s life. “The time since my husband’s salvation has been the most wonderful time in my life,” she says. “I’m convinced this miracle is the result of God’s faithfulness after I started sowing my financial seeds into His Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries!”

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