Trading Despair for Delight

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What appeared to be a small step of faith led to amazing breakthroughs for Henry and Bukola.

Henry and Bukola moved from Nigeria to the US in hopes that the American doctors could find a cure for their son’s chronic asthma. Just six years old, their son Ade loved soccer, but his severe asthma made running very difficult. To their disappointment, the American doctors just recommended more breathing medications for Ade.

Henry and Bukola were discouraged. “Without a steady job, our finances were very low, and we wondered if we had made a great mistake by coming here,” they recall.

But things began to turn around when they watched Inspiration Ministries’ “Uncommon Harvest” special one day. They began sowing monthly financial seeds into God’s Kingdom, even though it didn’t seem like they could afford to do so.

Bukola told her husband, “We cannot do this … but we must do this!”

Soon their breakthroughs came. A local sports organization offered Henry his dream job training young soccer players. Then an even greater miracle happened when Ade was completely healed.

“We sensed the Lord telling us to throw away all of our son’s inhalers and medications,” Henry says. “Since that day, Ade needs no medications at all! He’s a great soccer player and represented his school in a mile run this year. Praise Jesus!”

Grateful for how God has used Inspiration Ministries in their lives, Henry and Bukola write, “These are just a few of God’s blessings as we continue to partner with you to win souls. Your encouraging words and resources have made us feel at home in a strange land!”

What God did for these Inspiration Partners, He can do for you! Visit today to sow a seed for souls.