When Jesus Comes on the Scene

When Jesus Comes on the Scene

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo4 Minutes

One of my most important callings in life is being a father to my children. I want to see each of them healthy, happy, and blessed, with a close relationship with the Lord.

But even though I try to do everything I can to meet the needs of my kids, there are times when they need a miracle — something only God can provide. At times like that, I think of a man in the Gospels, named Jairus, who came to Jesus because his daughter was sick.

Jairus was a respected and powerful man, described as “one of the rulers of the synagogue” (Mark 5:22). Yet Jairus knew his daughter had a need that only Jesus could meet.

“My little daughter lies at the point of death,” the man told Jesus. Come and lay Your hands on her, that she may be healed, and she will live” (v. 23).

Without hesitation, Jesus agreed to come and heal the girl. Sometimes we think we need to twist His arm to get a healing or other miracle, but that’s simply not the case. He delights in meeting our needs when we come to Him in faith.

However, this time there was evidence that Jesus was too late. Before He arrived at Jairus’ home, people came and brought bad news: Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?” (v. 35).

If you’ve received some bad news recently, you may be tempted to despair or give up. But the story of Jairus’ daughter wasn’t over yet — and neither is your story. It’s not too late for a miracle!

Hearing this bad report, Jesus made a profound statement to the grieving father: Do not be afraid; only believe” (v. 36). Entire books could be written to unpack the wisdom of Jesus’ words here, but let me simply point out one thing: God wants to replace your FEAR with FAITH.

Fear has been described as False Evidence Appearing Real, and it will always try to undercut your faith. In the face of Satan’s lying “evidence,” it’s crucial that you hang on to God’s faithfulness and the truth of His Word.

The story of Jairus’ daughter had a happy ending, of course. And in the same way, Jesus wants there to be happy endings to your times of trial — for that’s what always happens when He comes on the scene.

When Jesus arrived, He found the dead girl surrounded by a weeping and wailing crowd. Even if you’ve never lost a loved one, perhaps there are other things that have “died” in your life — hopes, dreams, finances, ministries, relationships, or something else you cherished. But the good news is that Jesus is ready to press through the gloom and doom, bringing resurrection life even to things that once seemed dead!

It wasn’t hard for Jesus to raise up this young girl, nor will it be hard for Him to give you the turnaround you need. All He had to do was speak life to Jairus’ daughter: Little girl, I say to you, arise” (v. 41).

That’s all it took. In a moment of time, the distressing situation was totally reversed, and the crowd was overcome with great amazement” (v. 42).

Friend, whatever your need may be today, I see Jesus coming on the scene. Don’t give up. Help is on the way!