No More Bad Days for Gary Miracle

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Gary Miracle is a Christian advocate and motivational speaker, born in Michigan and raised in Florida. Today, when Gary isn’t at home with his family, he is on the road speaking at churches, conferences, and conventions about how he discovered the life God always had for him, in spite of personal tragedy and trauma.

In December 2019, Miracle’s life was forever changed by an infection that caused him to lose his arms and legs. He could have given up, but he chose to live, helping others respond to their own setbacks. One year later, the popular Christian band MercyMe shared his story with the world in their song, “Say I Won’t.” In addition to being featured in the song, Miracle chronicled his story in the book No More Bad Days: Trading the Pursuit of Perfection for the Gift of Grace (Salem Books). In his book, he explores the concept that in light of eternity in Christ there are no more bad days. Each day can be a new beginning. Our bad days do not define us, and by surrendering our life to Christ we can begin our journey of having no more bad days.

Miracle joins John Farrell of Inspiration Ministries to discuss that fateful day in late December 2019, having MercyMe immortalize his story in one of their videos, his book, and how faith and the message of overcoming the struggles he faced played a role in shaping who he is today.

Watch the interview below and order your copy of No More Bad Days: Trading the Pursuit of Perfection for the Gift of Grace by Gary Miracle

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