Movie Review: Miles Between Us

Dr. Craig von BuseckBy Dr. Craig von Buseck3 Minutes

Family dynamics—they are an integral part of our lives. When family ties get frayed, or even broken, how do we move on?

In the family drama, Miles Between Us, an estranged father and daughter are forced by circumstances to share a car ride across the United States. During the trip, they have to decide if they will mend their strained relationship, or break ties forever.

After twelve years of no relationship, this father, Luke (Dariush Moslemi) and daughter, Gabby (Anna Stranz), find themselves on an awkward road trip when her mother breaks her ankle and is not able to drive her from California to Charleston, South Carolina.

On the first day of the road trip the father learns that his daughter is going to a small Christian college to become a marriage counselor. “When did this whole Christian thing start?”

“After you left us,” his daughter answers.

“Well, technically, your Mom left me.”

“Why was that?” she responds.

He has nothing to say. They continue for a couple days not talking to each other.

When Luke finally tries to lure Gabby into a conversation, she asks, “Why start now.”

“Gabby, I’m trying here,” he responds in frustration.

“Would you be trying if Mom hadn’t forced us into a car together?” she responds. “No, you wouldn’t, because you just don’t care.”

After a few more miles Gabby, who is a believer, sees three crosses on the side of the highway and realizes that she needs to forgive. It is a slow process, but soon both father and daughter open up to ask the questions they both have needed to talk about.

In the midst of an intense conversation about why Luke had not been a part of Gabby’s life he says sadly, “I wish things were different.”

She answers, “You don’t wish things to be different, you make them different. … You divorced Mom, not me.”

Talking to her Mother, Gabby confesses, “I thought I’d forgiven him, but I keep being ugly to him.”

“We should both forgive him,” her mother answers, “once and for all.”

Just as Gabby makes a move to extend this forgiveness a crisis occurs that could ruin both of their lives. Father and daughter come together to fight this common foe—and in the process, they find the grace to restore their relationship.

Miles Between Us is a moving story of a family working through its dynamics with God’s help. In the end, love wins out.