David Helling Discusses Why God Told Abraham to Sacrifice His Only Son

Billie Jo YoumansBy Billie Jo Youmans1 Minutes

The question has troubled many: why would a father be willing to offer his only son as a sacrifice? Why would a good and loving God command such an atrocious act?

David Helling’s ambitious new film sets out to help viewers see how the Bible answers the challenging questions posed by the passage in Genesis 22.

His Only Son invites you to explore God’s relationship with individuals and ask yourself, “Would my faith still stand if God asked me to give everything?”

Serving as a solider in Iraq led David to delve so deeply into the Word of God that the passages came to life before his eyes. Desiring to share that experience with others, David used his GI bill to learn the art of film making.

This is David’s first film in the theatres, but he has produced numerous thought-provoking “shorts” you can find on Youtube. Helling also has ambitious plans for the future. He sat down with Inspiration Ministries to share his heart for God and his vision for Biblical film-making.

Listen in and then be sure to grab your tickets to the premiere of His Only Son.