A Biblical Movie About the Life of The Savior

Billie Jo YoumansBy Billie Jo Youmans5 Minutes

Just the Facts

The Savior offers a retelling of the life of Christ from the Gospel of Luke (primarily). Produced and directed by Robert Savo, and filmed in Jordan with a cast of Palestinian and Israeli actors, The Savior has a look and feel of authenticity you will enjoy. Released in 2014, this 2 hour and 16 minute movie holds its own with other historical retellings of Jesus Christ’s life. Follow Jesus life from conception to crucifixion, experience the Roman rule of ancient Palestine, and consider the impact this one “man” has had on the world.

A Little Entertainment

Luke, the author of the Gospel bearing his name and the book of Acts, serves as the narrator of The Savior, and he invites you into the story as a first-hand observer. The actors are not well-known, but each clearly understood the character of the individual they portrayed. The gentle strength of Jesus, the lustfulness of Herod, the boldness of Peter — every Biblical characters is portrayed with a rich, full personality that aligns with Scripture.

The historical and geographical legitimacy contribute much to the movie, too. Costume design was well done, the fervor of the religious and political unrest clearly conveyed, and the Jordanian landscape brings the first century world into clear view.

The Savior relates the Gospel story in rich detail. The virgin birth, miraculous healings, demonic deliverances, betrayal, and the cruelty of the crucifixion are just part of the content. Depicting 33 years of living (and the connections to prophecy) in two hours is a monumental task, but this movie accomplished it very well. The details of Christ’s life are intense, and families might want to preview the movie and watch it in chunks — perhaps reading the related passages in Scriptures.

A Little Deeper Digging

Of course, the best deeper digging for this movie is the Gospel of Luke. Much of The Savior comes directly from Luke’s writings — with a couple additions from Matthew and John. Two hours didn’t allow for everything from Scripture to be included, taking time to read Luke’s Gospel will add to the richness of your movie watching.

The Book of Luke offers many avenues to explore. You could delve into God’s love for the under-valued (shepherds), or spend time contemplating how knowledge sometimes blinds us (pharisees). The right response when God turns your plans upside down (Mary) or how to face unjust accusations (Jesus) are studies we all need. But don’t forget to focus on The Savior – none of it matters without understanding why Jesus came. If you aren’t sure about that, take time to watch our salvation video, The Love of God.

You may want to check out these fascinating facts about Luke (the man and the Gospel):

  • Luke is only mentioned three times in the New Testament. Each mention reveals a bit about him. Colossians 4:14 tells us Luke was a physician. And both 2 Timothy 4:11 and Philemon 1:24 record him as a companion of Paul.
  • Luke was the only non-Jewish Gospel writer.
  • The Book of Luke is the longest Gospel account.
  • Luke penned the “sequel” to his Gospel — the Book of Acts.
  • Luke’s writings are believed to have concluded in the 50s or 60s. That’s 0050-0069 AD!

Luke wrote to Theopholus — a lover of God, and it is good to read his books (and watch The Savior) from that point of view. As a lover of God (or friend of God), you’ll uncover great treasures in the Books of Luke and Acts. Some propose Luke penned these accounts to assist Paul in his trial before Caesar, but undoubtedly God’s goal is the same as in every book of the Bible:  that readers will find eternal life.

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent (John 17:3)

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