The Outcome of History

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A leader of an American governmental department recently built many policies on his study of history. These policies were in line with what he felt were the next steps in an inevitable process. He responded to critics that they needed to recognize this inevitability and get in line with historic patterns.

This was not the first time such arguments have been made. In many ways, he was following the line of thinking championed by 19th century philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, who developed the concept of the “dialectic.” Karl Marx expanded these ideas further with Communism, which he felt was the inevitable conclusion of history.

Others have had their own understanding of historic inevitability. These convictions can be so strong that they motivate and inspire particular strategies and beliefs.

Christians need to ask themselves if they have this level of faith in the promises of the Bible, which gives us a clear portrait of the future. In fact, we see history leading to the picture described in Revelation, where all enemies have been defeated. Where there is total victory. When God’s rule is complete.

We have been given this picture to encourage and inspire us. To give us hope when things seem dark. To remind us that ultimate victory is sure. To rejoice in any situation, knowing that God is the beginning and the end.

In your life, you may experience temporary problems, but always remember that the outcome of history already has been written. Be at peace and rejoice in every circumstance. For God will “wipe away every tear.” He will right every wrong. He is the perfect Judge. And those who have served Him will experience glorious blessings throughout eternity.