Seeking God’s Approval

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Living in the midst of revolutionary times, César Franck quietly went about serving God. Born on this day in 1822, he became one of the premiere musicians of his time. Yet he never called attention to himself or seemed impacted by a lack of fame.

As author Patrick Kavanaugh explains, “His music was largely ignored for most of his career.” He wrote an opera that was never performed. And only two people attended the Paris premiere of his oratorio on the Beatitudes.

But Franck did not seem worried about this lack of recognition. As critic Jeremy Nicholas concludes, “He was, arguably, the mildest and humblest man ever to become a great composer. His ambitions were simple: to serve music and God with equal reverence.”

His friends and colleagues could tell that he was different. A fellow composer described how Franck’s “untiring force and inexhaustible kindness were drawn from the wellspring of his faith, for Franck was an ardent believer.” He believed that God was “the source of all art.” Inspired by this commitment, he sought to play and compose music for His glory.

Many of his compositions dealt with Biblical themes, including a work based on Psalm 150 and his “Seven Words of Christ at the Cross.” One biographer described how Franck’s music “is truly as much the sister of prayer as of poetry; it leads back to heaven and to the city of rest.”

Franck was following the example of Jesus who urged us to focus on pleasing God, finding joy in serving Him and completing our God-given assignments.

Remember, the world may honor people who get attention, but God rewards those faithful servants who please Him and those who are good stewards of the resources they have been given.