Seeing Prayer a New Way

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus made it clear: In prayer, we are to ask, seek, knock, confident that what we need and ask for will be given to us. But the opposite also is true. If we don’t ask, what we need will not be given to us. If we don’t seek, we will not find.

The reality is that, if we never knock, the door never will open. We can stare at the door but nothing will change. And if we don’t seek, we will be stuck in the same position. If we never show initiative, we never will find what we are interested in, or would like to have.

There may be many reasons why we don’t ask or aren’t more specific in prayer. We may not feel worthy, or embarrassed, concerned about what God would think if we asked. We may not feel that God would hear us, or confident in our relationship with Him. Or we may feel we don’t know how to ask.

But, no matter our excuse, we can be sure not to receive anything if we don’t ask, seek, or knock.

How confident are you about your relationship with God? Do you really think that, if you ask, it will be given? That if you seek, you really will find? If you knock, the door really will be opened for you? What keeps you from believing these truths?

Remember that without faith, you will not receive the answers you need or find what you are looking for. Don’t be bogged down with lethargy or skepticism. And don’t be hampered by doubt or reluctance. Instead, take Jesus at His Word, confident in Him. Believing that His Word is true.