Sailing Uncharted Waters

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Portuguese felt it was critical to find a water route to the Orient, but the problem was getting past Cape Bojador. Located on the western coast of Africa, in present-day Morocco, the cape’s Arabic name was “Father of Danger.” Geographers labeled the waters beyond the cape as the “Great Sea of Darkness.”

Sailors were paralyzed by rumors. The cliffs along its coast were said to contain a powerful lodestone that pulled out a ship’s metal rivets, sinking the vessel. There were stories that ships sailing by the cliffs would be struck with sheets of fire. It also was believed that water beyond the cape was boiling, and ships would be burned by the heat of the sun and water.

But Portugal’s Prince Henry the Navigator would not accept excuses. Beginning in 1421, he commissioned a series of voyages to round Cape Bojador. But the first 14 voyages failed.

In 1433, Henry made a radical decision, picking a man with no sailing experience to lead the 15th voyage. The man was Gil Eanes, a trusted and loyal aide.

Eanes’ first voyage failed. Yet Henry ordered him to try again and do whatever was necessary. As they approached the cape, Eanes was able to convince the crew to sail on. To their amazement, the rumors were not true. In fact, the waters were calm. The barrier of fear had been broken.

If we let it, fear can have a crippling impact on our lives. David knew what it meant to be afraid. But he discovered that God could deliver him from fear and save him “out of all his troubles.”

Today, remember that God can deliver you from every fear. In every situation, turn to Him. Trust Him!