Pure In Our Own Eyes

Pure In Our Own Eyes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Focusing on ourselves is a common condition. We tend to look at the world from a subjective perspective and to draw conclusions that benefit us. How easily we can be convinced that our way is best. In the process, we can be prepared to justify ourselves and reject the perspective of others. We tend to ignore or reject information that seems to contradict our conclusions.

One of life’s greatest challenges is to be objective about ourselves. How difficult it can be to recognize our mistakes and limitations, to be able to see when we might be wrong, and to realize that what we think is best might not be best. Instead of assuming we are right, we need to be willing to accept the advice and conclusions of others and to let others get the credit and the praise.

The Bible offers a sobering perspective on these issues. The fact is that many people have lives polluted by “filth.” The Hebrew word suggests things that infect their lives. The problem is that these people are “pure in [their] own eyes.” They refuse to acknowledge they might be doing anything wrong. These people see the world through “haughty” eyes. Their looks are “pretentious,” and they are quick to justify themselves.

Today, ask God to help you be objective about your life. Surrender to the searchlight of His Spirit. Stay humble before Him; be ready and willing to be corrected.