Pausing to Think

Pausing to Think

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The word selah is used 71 times in the book of Psalms, including three times in Psalm 3. The meaning of this mysterious word is not clear. Some suggest that it provides a kind of musical instruction. Others think that it is a reminder for readers to pause and think.

In Psalm 3, for example, the word suggests that we should pause and think when we realize that others say, “There is no help for him in God.” We are to pause and think when we read how God is a shield for us and how He lifts up our head. We need to think about how He hears us when we cry to Him. We are to pause and think when we read that “salvation belongs to the Lord.”

The truths found in these promises have a far-reaching impact. Yet many people are content to stay on the surface. They just read or listen without digging deeper.

They don’t appreciate that the Bible is not just a book but is the Word of God. Through these words, we find direction, purpose, and life-changing principles. But gaining this understanding requires an investment of our time. Pause to think and to study.

Today when you read the Bible, pause and think about what God is saying! Ask Him for understanding. Seek to be sensitive, ready to listen. Make this a lifetime habit.