Our Risen Savior

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When thinking about Jesus, many visualize one of the paintings of Warner Sallman. Born on this day in 1892, A deeply spiritual man, he was a lifelong member of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Working as a freelance illustrator, he produced religious imagery for a variety of publications including the Covenant Church’s denominational magazine. In 1924, his sketch (“The Son of Man”) appeared on the cover.

The impact was so great that in 1940 he painted an oil version. The image became so popular that it was used in a huge variety of settings. Its reproductions were sold by the millions in bookstores throughout the world. Copies were posted in numerous libraries, schools, and even courtrooms. It was handed out to thousands of American soldiers going into combat in World War II. In the process, his work gained widespread international exposure.

Encouraged by this response, Sallman applied his vision of Jesus through several other paintings, including “Christ in Gethsemane,” “Christ at Heart’s Door,” “The Lord is My Shepherd,” and “Christ Our Pilot.”

These paintings became so endearing because they helped people remember the gentle but powerful way Jesus looks at each of us. His compassion, concern, and love.

Paintings of Jesus may seem believable, but we must remember that no one really knows what He looked like. Yet each of us has the opportunity to know Him personally. To have a real relationship with Him.

Today, seek to live in such a way that others know that Jesus has transformed your life. That He lives!