No Compromise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The very presence of Jews irritated Haman. In particular, this leader of Persia was repulsed by one person: Mordecai. Others would bow before Haman but Mordecai refused. When asked why, he responded that “he was a Jew.” He was a man of principle. He believed in God and obeyed His laws. He could not change to appease a politician or conform to the crowd.

When he learned of Mordecai’s response, “Haman was filled with rage.” But, instead of just acting against Mordecai, he decided “to destroy all the Jews,” Mordecai’s people. He gained the king’s approval for this evil plan, arguing that these people were “different.” They would not conform and “do not observe the king’s laws.” For the good of the kingdom, Haman felt that they all had to be eliminated.

Haman put this plan into action, and all Jews faced elimination. But God intervened. Esther, who miraculously had become the nation’s queen, followed the advice of Mordecai (who was her cousin), and convinced Ahasuerus to let the Jews defend themselves. Haman’s plans were foiled and Mordecai was promoted to a position of honor. Their deliverance still is celebrated by Jews on Purim, which this year takes place today.

Throughout history, many have been like Haman. Obsessed with pride and power. Hating God’s people and His Word. Desiring to eliminate anyone who believes in Him. Irritated when we proclaim that there is just one God. One truth. One way to salvation (John 14:6).

Today, ask God to help you stand firm and resist any pressure to conform. Never compromise the truth. Be bold in your faith, confident that He is with you. You can depend on Him.