Messengers for God

Messengers for God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Rodney Smith was born in a tent on this day in 1860, in a town north of London, England. In spite of this inauspicious beginning, he would one day be called the best loved evangelist of his time.

Smith once seemed to have no prospects for a successful life. His mother died when he was a young child. The family had few resources, earning a living by selling baskets and other household items. But they had the Lord.

Led to Christ by his father when he was 15, Rodney became totally committed to the Gospel. Proud of his heritage, he became known as Gypsy Smith. Even as a teenager, he felt God’s call to preach, practicing alone in a turnip field and singing hymns mixed with his messages.

William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, was so impressed when he heard Smith preach that he asked him to become an associate evangelist. Crowds flocked whenever Smith spoke, and thousands were converted. He began traveling internationally, visiting America a reported 30 times.

Largely self-taught, Rodney Smith relied on his relationship with the Lord, saying he had been to the feet of Jesus where the only true scholarship is learned. He knew he owed his success to Jesus, declaring, I’m God’s messenger. The key was not his eloquence or background but the degree to which he surrendered to the Lord: It’s the message that’s important, not the messenger.

In your life, dedicate yourself to serving Jesus. Use the gifts and talents He has given you. Seek to be God’s messenger.