Your Impact on Others

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is normal for children to focus on their parents. The rules they lay down. What they allow, or prohibit. Their example.

As we age, we typically become more independent. More interested in our own desires. Developing our own rules. Making our own decisions. In the process, many young people find themselves in conflict with parents, giving rise to resentment, bitterness, and anger. Many of these conflicts eventually are resolved, but some continue even later in life.

The Bible urges us to remember that we have choices in these matters. One important step is learning to think less about ourselves and more about others, starting with our parents.

The fact is that God has given us the ability to impact others. Through our actions and attitudes, we actually can make our father’s glad. This doesn’t mean that every conflict will be resolved or that there always will be perfect harmony. But it reminds us that we can help fill our fathers with joy.

How? By showing appreciation and gratitude. By listening and making wise decisions. By being faithful and responsible.

But the contrast also is true. If we make foolish decisions, we can bring “grief” to our mothers, and cause them heaviness and even depression. We have similar impact on others.

These also are pictures of our relationship with God. We bring Him joy, just like a father, when we are wise and grateful. When we seek His will and obey His Word. When we complete our assignments and are good stewards of the resources He has given us.

But He feels grief when we fall short or do not do our best. When we are lazy and half-hearted. When we ignore His Word, and go our own way.

In your life, seek to be wise. Spiritually mature. Grateful. Bringing joy to others.