God’s Preparation

God’s Preparation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The task to which God called Ezekiel required determination and boldness. He needed an ability to resist rejection and ridicule. To have the faith to stay focused and on track even when he was completely isolated. Even when everyone else thought he was wrong.

This required enormous conviction and spiritual strength. He had to be able to stand up to those who opposed him: His forehead needed to be “strong against their foreheads.” His countenance, his mind, his will all needed to be “like adamant stone, harder than flint.” Without this commitment, Ezekiel might have collapsed, given in, or lived in fear. He might have been “dismayed” even by the looks others might give him.

This gives us a picture of God’s desire for each of us. For each believer has a special calling.

And each person has been given special gifts and talents. In our own ways, we each need to be prepared, equipped, and trained.

When we look at our lives, we need to learn to recognize how God is preparing us for the tasks to which we are called. We may need to examine our experiences in new ways. To re-evaluate our habits and expectations. We may realize that God is allowing us to go through special training. Pointing us in new directions. Equipping us with new skills. Giving us new attitudes.

As we surrender to Him, we can expect this kind of preparation, as He shapes us and directs our lives to accomplish His purposes.

In your life, seek to cooperate with God. Be a good steward of the resources you have been given. Develop the gifts and talents He has given you. Focus on serving Him.