Feeling Relevant

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

By all accounts, Absalom had enormous talents. He was handsome and intelligent. A natural leader, he could galvanize followers. But, offended by the way his brother, Amnon, abused his sister, Tamar, Absalom killed his brother. Because of this response, his father, David, banned him from his presence.

Eventually, Absalom grew tired of being ignored. Month after month, both David and Joab (David’s aide and general) refused to meet with him. This treatment became intolerable to Absalom.

Finally, he lashed out, setting a fire to a field belonging to Joab. When Joab asked the reason for his actions, Absalom explained that no one was paying attention to his requests to see David. Solving this immediate problem, Joab arranged a meeting. But Absalom continued to feel resentment, and eventually tried to seize the kingdom.

Absalom clearly felt the need to feel relevant and fulfilled. He wanted to contribute (and feel that his contributions mattered). To play a role and have a future. To be appreciated and respected. Not to be taken for granted or ignored.

Any of us can have these concerns at any stage of life. When we have this reaction, the Bible urges us to remember why we need the attitude of a servant. To recognize that our primary goal should be to focus on God. To remember that He created us to accomplish tasks for His Kingdom.

Do you ever feel ignored or taken for granted? If this happens, turn your focus toward God. Renew your commitment to Him, seeking to fulfill the tasks He has given you. Don’t worry how others respond, but make sure that He is pleased. Remember, He is the ultimate judge. And He knows the truth.