Daily Challenges

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What did the Israelites expect? Following an emotional ordeal, finally, after years in bondage, they were free. Then, in their first moments of freedom, they were cornered by the pursuing Egyptian army. Again, God miraculously delivered them. Surely, they must have thought this would be the freedom they’d desired. But in practical terms, they really didn’t know what to expect.

As events unfolded, they began to realize the enormity of the challenges they faced. Isolated in a wilderness, where would they find food and water for so many thousands? How would they survive?

Then, just weeks after leaving Egypt, their concerns boiled over, and they “grumbled against Moses and Aaron” (v. 2). They seemed surprised by the problems they faced, and concluded that they had been better off in Egypt.

The Israelites demonstrated a pattern that remains true for the people of God: Salvation is the doorway to real freedom (John 8:31-36), but, we, too, can be surprised that, after we’re saved, we might experience problems that don’t seem to have obvious, immediate solutions.

At times like these, we should remember all that the children of Israel learned after their exodus from Egypt. Yes, God has set us free, but, in this freedom, we still will go through life. And, in the process, we’ll experience one thing after another—different kinds of challenges and opportunities, obstacles and unknowns.

Today, remember that God is with you. He has not forgotten you. Every situation simply is a new opportunity to see His hand. Walk by faith. Be confident in Him. Always trust Him.