Covenant Promise

Covenant Promise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Knowing what awaited Him, Jesus spoke and acted very carefully in this, His final visit to Jerusalem. Jesus was intentional about celebrating Passover with His disciples. They, too, knew how important this was, asking His directions for their commemoration (v. 12). Jesus gave them very specific directions about when and where they were to observe Passover.

In the years to come, the meal they celebrated would come to be known as “communion” (1 Corinthians 10:16). But for Jesus and His disciples, this was part of the Passover celebration.

The Bible makes clear that this celebration underscores our relationship with Him. During communion, we are to reflect on our relationship with Him and the fact that He is still with us.

It also is important to remember that communion is part of the covenant Jesus made with us. He shed His blood and died so that we could enter into a covenant with us in which He would give us more abundant life. That covenant gives us the keys to His Kingdom and His life. But we, too, have a part to play. We must enter into that covenant with Him. We need to accept His sacrificial gift and live in His covenant promises.

As you celebrate the Lord’s Supper (or Passover), remember all that Jesus did for you. Commune with Him. And remember His covenant relationship with you.