Come to the Savior

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

George Root became one of the most published composers in 19th century America. Born on this day in 1820, Root wrote hundreds of hymns and songs, and helped edit dozens of musical collections.

As a young boy growing up in Boston, Root was trained on the piano. After moving to New York, he played the organ at a church and taught music at a school. Gaining respect as a musician, he toured Europe with much success. After returning to the States, he continued his studies but gradually spent more of his time writing his own music, crafting songs from several genres.

Influenced by the Civil War, Root’s focus was drawn to songs about the war. In 1863, he composed “The First Gun Is Fired.” Then in 1864, he published “The Battle Cry of Freedom,” which for many served as a kind of war anthem.

While gaining significant commercial and market credibility, Root also continued to focus on His Christian faith, and to write hymns that pointed people to Jesus. We see his priorities clearly in the hymn “Come to the Savior.”

He urged sinners to “Come to the Savior, make no delay.” To realize that Jesus is “standing today, tenderly saying, ‘Come!’” He knew that there were many reasons to hold back, or not want to make that commitment. But Root assured doubters that we can be confident in Him and know that the meeting will be joyful. That He can cleanse our heart from sin and make us pure and free.

We never should be reluctant but “leap forth and rejoice.” To “make Him our choice.” To realize that He is ready. As Root imagined, He tenderly asks, “Will you, My children, come?”

Jesus invited all who had burdens to come to Him. Not to be reluctant. To know that He promises to give us rest.