A Forgotten Principle?

A Forgotten Principle?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We see it every day. Social media circulates the latest rumors. Gossip circulates accusations. Politicians blast those with opposing views. Inspired by this activity, many Christians engage in similar tactics. But what does the Bible say about spreading lies and pointing out others’ faults?

Jesus taught us to remember that no one is perfect. We may see a “speck” in someone else’s eye, but before doing anything, we must address the “plank” in our own eye. Only when we are clean before God are we ready to address the problems in others.

There is one more important step: Before going public, go directly to the person with whom we have problems or see faults, as in Matthew 18:15-17. Then we take several others with us to speak to that person privately. We may not want to take this step. It is easier to attack or spread rumors. However, our attitude changes when we confront someone privately before speaking openly.

Appropriate confrontation forces us to think carefully about our words, realize our responsibility and accountability, and remember the ultimate goal of reconciliation. At times we need to identify errors and root out false doctrines. But the Bible makes clear that our overriding goal should be to strengthen the body in order to increase our impact in the world (John 17:21) and to heal wounds.

Ask God to give you discernment about the words you speak to and about others.