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Larry Tomczak

Larry Tomczak has been a cultural commentator for nearly 50 years. He is a best-selling author, a public policy adviser with Liberty Counsel, and a board member for Intercessors for America. Learn more at larrytomczak.com 

Father’s Day Encouragement:15 Tips to Leave a Lasting Legacy
Father’s Day Encouragement: 15 Tips to Leave a Lasting Legacy

After 50 years as a Christian—47 in ministry and 44 in marriage—I concur with Dr. James Dobson:…

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How You Can Enjoy God in Chaotic Times

In 1646, the Westminster Catechism stated what our ultimate goal as humans is supposed to be. It…

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Why a Biblical Worldview Is Now Essential, Not Optional

On the threshold of my 50th anniversary in ministry, I sing with believers worldwide celebrating…

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25 Essentials Parents Owe Their Children

When I lived in Atlanta I often drove by the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. In front is a sign…

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10 Types of People in Our Small Groups
Let’s Laugh: 10 Types of People in Our Small Groups

Whether we call them small groups, kinship groups, community groups, home groups, fellowship…

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Not 9 But 29 Spiritual Gifts: Do You Know Yours?

Your search for significance starts here! Multitudes of Christians mistakenly believe there are…

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How Saint Patrick Changed a Nation
How Saint Patrick Changed a Nation – and the World

A number of years ago, there was a character on Saturday Night Live named Debbie Downer. A…

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Discover These 15 Fasting Benefits for Miraculous Breakthrough

Ministering to 2000 young people in the 70s, I shared Bible teacher Derek Prince's ("Changing…

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4 Simple Secrets of 4 1/2 Decades of Successful Marriage

Don’t believe it when people say that in America divorce is declining. The reality is that divorce…

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