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Gerry Wakeland

An avid reader, Gerry Wakeland has served in many ministry positions. Fulfilling a longtime goal, she graduated from the Soul Shepherding Institute in 2018 and currently serves as a commissioned spiritual director. Her greatest passion is teaching God’s Word as she mentors young women in their walk with the Lord. “Our spiritual life is meant to be a journey in which God uses spiritual companions to help guide our way closer to Him.” She loves to share the books she reads with those God places in her path. Contact Gerry at [email protected]

Kathie Lee Gifford: ‘The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi’

Most of us know Kathie Lee Gifford as an Emmy-winning talk show host with a warm personality and…

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Book Review: Jerry Jenkins’ Dead Sea Rising
Book Review: Jerry Jenkins’ Dead Sea Rising

Dr.Nicole Berman is a gifted archaeologist who has been waiting for her big break. Nicole had never…

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