Book Review: If You Give a Girl a Giant

Book Review: If You Give a Girl a Giant …

Gerry WakelandBy Gerry Wakeland4 Minutes

We’ve all heard the story of David, the giant killer. You know, little shepherd boy with big faith, takes on giant Philistine warrior. Kills him dead with one stone in his slingshot. Amazing? Yes! Impossible? No! David had a secret weapon. And you and I have access to that very same secret weapon… GOD!

Someday soon you will come face to face with a giant. Or maybe you already have. We all face giants in our lives. There’s the giant of discouragement, the giant of defeat, the giant of fear and last, but certainly not least, the giant of self. Make no mistake, these giants are out to get us, to destroy you and me. We are not prepared, nor equipped to battle these giants alone.

In her latest book, If You Give A Girl A Giant…, author Karen Porter shares her story about the giants in her life and offers you personally tested weapons of destruction that you can use to battle your giants. Porter reminds us that the battle is spiritual and must be fought on a spiritual battlefield. She will give you arms to fill your arsenal, munitions based on scripture, weapons that worked for her and have worked for centuries past, weapons that will work for you. Defenses you need to fight for your life.

However, there is an interesting slant to David’s story. One you may not be aware of. One that adds an element of mystery and intrigue. How did we ever miss it? If you remember the Bible version of David and Goliath, you will recall that David chose five stones. (1 Samuel 17:40) Did you ever wonder why? Karen Porter fleshes out this story as it continues in 2 Samuel chapter 21. You might say she lets the “giants out of the bag” and discloses her theory on why David chose five stones that day. One for then and four for later. Four for the giants yet to come.

As Porter delves deeper into the story of the giants, she shares examples from her own life. She is a gifted writer and engages the reader with thought-provoking illustrations woven together with humor and hope. The reader immediately feels as if they are seated on the sofa in her living room having a one-on-one conversation with someone that has been through the battle and came out to tell about it.

Perhaps one of the best features of the book is the portion she calls, “What’s a Girl to Do?” This is a place for reflection. Write it down. It allows the reader to take a good look at their own life and face their own giant.

I encourage you to read this book and learn how to fight for your life. Load up your arsenal and get ready. Take the concepts that Karen Porter has shared and make them your own. Let God come along side of you to strengthen and uphold you. The giants will come. And now, If You Give A Girl A Giant… you can fight for your life.

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